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Manage subscribers

Create subscription forms

You can add customized subscription forms to your website to allow your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters, and it’s also possible to customize the look and feel of the forms to match your existing web design.

Create custom fields

Store & manage any type of subscriber data – such as names, surnames, birthdays and more. You can create custom fields to store contact data such as drop downs, text fields, and more.

Segment your contacts

Send targeted campaigns with list segments, which you can create based on conditions about subscriber profiles and behavior.

Design beautiful emails easily

Our drag & drop email design tool allows users to easily add their own content and create their own design without any HTML knowledge. You can easily add new blocks, such as text, images or products with just a single click.

Automatic importing of product data

If you have an e-shop, you can add your products into newsletter faster than ever before – we support integration with all major e-commerce platforms, so you can simply specify your product‘s URL and it will be imported, including image, price and description.

Advanced image handling

You can upload or drag & drop images into your newsletter template and they will be automatically resized. You can also crop and rotate images with built-in image editor.

Templates optimized for all major email clients

All our templates are tested for compatibility with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MS Outlook, Apple Mail and other email clients.

HTML code editor

If you want to import an existing HTML template, you can do that easily with our HTML import tool and then edit HTML and CSS afterwards – with live preview and syntax highlighting.

Analyze results

With our powerful analysis platform you can find out how many subscribers are opening your email campaign. You can even view which subscribers viewed the campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date/time that they viewed your campaign.

Click tracking

Click tracking lets you know who clicked on each link, how many times they clicked, and when.

Handling of undelivered emails (bounces)

You can view which email addresses resulted in a bounce, along with the type of bounce (soft/hard) and the reason why bounce was returned.

Date / time analysis

After sending your campaign, you can see what time results in most opens / clicks. Using this data, you will be able to plan your newsletter sending times for best results.


We have an advanced infrastructure to ensure your email is delivered to every subscriber every time you send a campaign. We take care of the technical part so you can focus on creating great newsletters.

Feedback loops

We have feedback loop integration with all major ISP's to receive feedback on emails being sent through our service. This allows us to instantly identify any potential issues and correct them.

Bounce management

After you send a campaign our platform will analyze all bounced emails that were returned. We will automatically disable all the non-existent mailboxes (hard bounces) and keep track of other types of bounce messages.

Sample designs


Prices are based on number of emails sent per month.

up to
10 000

  • 299 SEK / month
  • 2990 SEK / year

up to
50 000

  • 549 SEK / month
  • 5490 SEK / year

up to
100 000

  • 749 SEK / month
  • 7490 SEK / year

up to
200 000

  • 949 SEK / month
  • 9490 SEK / year

up to
500 000

  • 1449 SEK / month
  • 14490 SEK / year

up to
1 000 000

  • 1949 SEK / month
  • 19490 SEK / year

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